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document Are you free shipping? What's the Free Shipping Policy?
Are you free shipping? What’s the Free Shipping Policy? Free shipping is only available for some regions, not all countries. But all our...
rating Views: 4709
document Check and Track Your Order
How to check your order status? There are two ways, the first one is to check your mailbox. we will send you email if there is any...
rating Views: 8892
document Is Shipping Included In The Price
Is Shipping Included? Do
rating Views: 8533
document How fast can I get the item i orderd
How long does it take to deliver the goods?
rating Views: 8158
document Can you ship to my country
"I Live In [......]. Can I Order From Qualir?"
rating Views: 8152
document My order hasn't arrived yet, where is it
If you have made an order online and completed payment, you can check your order status by logining in your Qualir account and...
rating Views: 9092
document Accessory Problems
"I Bought This From Qualir But An Accessory Is Missing" Missing / wrong wires, cables, user manuals, some of its...
rating Views: 8582
document Too much taxes imposed, Can I refuse the package
Too much taxes imposed, Can I refuse the package? It may cause import tax because of your country , so customers are responsible for check...
rating Views: 9005
document Track Order
Before dispatch Please your account on, and you will see your previous orders' status. After dispatch Please visit the...
rating Views: 13137
document If an item is physically broken or damaged
"I Received My Item But It Got Broken During Delivery" Rarely, rough handling by the courier can lead  physical damage to your...
rating Views: 6937
document Will I miss the parcel? If I can't receive it, what's the solution
Will I miss the parcel? If I can’t receive it, what’s the solution? Generally the couriers won’t let the parcel miss. They...
rating Views: 8265
document Shipping And Delivery From China - The Basics
rating Views: 9512
document No test, no delivery / strict test before package
.stricttest{ font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:13px; margin:0; padding: 0; line-height: 25px;} .stricttest h1{ font-size:15px;...
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