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document Received My Packet, But Not Everything I Ordered Is Included
Is something missing from your order? Please follow these steps: 1. Unpack all the products because sometimes our packing staff save space by...
rating Views: 6683
document General Returns Policy
General Returns Policy All products have one year warranty including technology support and repair service. Some products have two year...
rating Views: 19823
document I have a problem with my product
"My Product Has A Problem! What Can I Do?" Qualir undertakes the strictest Quality Control of any China suppliers you could find....
rating Views: 10902
document If an item doesn't function correctly
  "My item From Qualir Is Not Working Right" If you think an item you bought from Qualir may be faulty,  to get...
rating Views: 7487
document Warranty and Returns
"Do you have a guarantee or warranty?" Yes - Qualir only chooses to stock the best quality products from professional China...
rating Views: 13531
document I received totally the wrong item
"I Bought Something From Qualir, But You Delivered Me Something Else" If Qualir sent you the wrong item... If Qualir sent you the right...
rating Views: 6937
document Problems of not as described
"I Bought Something From Qualir, But You Delivered Me the one that is not as described" If there seems to be a problem like this, you'll...
rating Views: 6047
document Accessory Problems
"I Bought This From Qualir But An Accessory Is Missing" Missing / wrong wires, cables, user manuals, some of its...
rating Views: 8582
document Need repair
Broke the product by accident---need an item repaired Please if you'd like to send an accidentally damaged product back for repair. We'll give...
rating Views: 7642
document Don't Flash The Firmware or Open the item
Don't Flash The Firmware or Open the item Don't flash the firmware or tear open the headunit on Qualir Car electronics. We don't support firmware...
rating Views: 7089
document I do not like the item I received, Can I change or return for refund
I received the unit I orderd from Qualir, all works as advertised. But unfortunately, I do not like the unit after operating for several days, Can...
rating Views: 6431

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